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Hello there! This website is still being set up at the moment, so there isn't very much available just yet! =(


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[19/01/07] I added categories!
Stories now have categories which group together multiple chapters, yay!

[19/01/03] I now have a twitter account!
I now have a Twitter account over at @FlorinaBunny!!

[19/01/03] Updated RSS a bit!
I've updated the updates and RSS just a little bit, fixing some problems here and there! Also, Firefox no longer has native support for RSS feeds, so you'll have to find an addon!

[18/12/04] Added RSS feeds!
I added RSS feeds so you can subscribe using your browser and stay up to date!

[18/11/22] Added the update section!
Added this little update section so you can see what's changed!

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Test story #1!

The awesome tales of Florina testing that this is working! =D

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